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This is a List of SemiHow Products Lineup

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  • Date 2021-11-25
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Produced by Semihow and supplied to customers through domestic and overseas agencies This is the product list.

It consists of more than 900 products including Planar MOSFET, Super Junction MOSFET, Low Voltage MOSFET, Triac, SCR, Diode, etc.

Comparing with products of global competitors, we can reward you with products that are guaranteed to have the same or higher technological prowess.

Below is the package for Semihow products, and if you ask questions after viewing the products required for each specification, we will sincerely answer your questions.



Each PKG has a different applied voltage and current capacity.

If you are curious about the specifications of each PKG, the product list is attached as a file, so please check it and refer to it to help design.thank you.


Samsung Electronics VD division premium soundbar Super Junction MOSFET approved
This is a List of SemiHow Products Lineup