Foward converter

A forward converter is typically used for a power supply of 100 ~ 300W.

This topology uses a transformer and an output inductor.

And the switching element transfers energy with the output during on status.

2 switch forward converter

When it comes to two switch forward converter, energy can not be stored in the transformer but in the inductor and capacitor of secondary side.

Two MOSFETs turn on and off at the same time.And the applied voltage for MOSFETs is decreased in half because the voltage is applied to 2 MOSFETs.

It can make this topology be applied with products of higher wattage.

Half-bridge converter

A half-bridge converter is a topology mostly used for the power of 150 ~ 1,000W.
This topology uses a transformer and an output inductor. However the transformer of a half bridge converter can use more capacity using the transformer and the output inductor.
And two MOSFETS work separately with a dead time between the two MOSFETs.

Full-bridge converter

A full-bridge converter is used for over 500W and products required more output than a half-bridge converter.
A half-bridge converter switches with 2 MOSFETs while a full-bridge switches with 4 MOSFETs.
A full-bridge converter is more suitable for products with higher wattage than a half-bridge converter due to using one half of input current.
Because a half-bridge converter transfers one half of input voltage while a full-bridge converter transfers the input voltage as it is.