Vision & Core Value


Advancing into a power semiconductor company
that makes the earth's energy more valuable.

Pursuing the proper pleasure of members.

Core Value

‘Propriety’, ‘Advancement’, ‘Ability and Passion’, ‘Action Aggressive’, ‘Solicitude’ are the principles of mindset and behavior that SemiHow employees must follow.


“Propriety” is the highest core value that SemiHow members must have. "Propriety” leaves a good reputation and memory for all concerned.


SemiHow’s advancement and Personal
advancement must continue.


Ability and Passion
Use best ability and passion to improve SemiHow's profits. Ability grows by eating passion. Success depends more on passion and persistence than innate talent.


Action Aggressive
Act a idea/plan of what to do in a given situation without procrastination. Overcome our human nature to want to get things done as comfortable as possible under the pretext of pressure, discomfort, and difficulty.


SemiHow members should work together with respect for colleagues and willingness to help or care for them.