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Company Profile

SemiHow was established as a Power Semiconductor company in 2002,
focusing on engineers who have secured Power Semiconductor Design
technology, Fab Process technology and Fab Production technology
for more than 10 years at Samsung Semiconductor.
SemiHow signed a "Technical Support and Foundry Agreement" with CR Micro
(China Resources Microelectronics Limited) in 2004 to support Planar MOSFET Process
technology to CM Micro and produce foundry wafer at CM Micro Fab, and then developed
and launched HV MOSFET in 2005. It became the first company in Korea and China to
mass-produce high voltage MOSFETs to enter the China and Korea markets.

Since then, in cooperation with FMIC, Skysilicon, HHGrace foundry companies in China,
SemiHow has consistently launched Low Voltage Trench MOSFET, SCR, Triac, NPT IGBT,
Shield Gate Trench MOSFET, Super Junction MOSFET Products.

and recognized for SemiHow world-class technology in the market of Mobile charger,
Adapter, Consumer electronics, PC, EV Charger, Network, Server, LED Lighting, etc.
Company Profile
In 2018, SemiHow signed a strategic Partnership contact with Samsung Foundry ("SF") to develop and produce
Power Discrete products on the SF 8inch Line. and in 2019, as the 1stdevelopment family we developed more than
110 products(600-900Volt) of Super Junction S3 MOSFET(Rsp18-Class) and Planar MOSFET 800,900Volt products.

Since then, SGT MOSFET, LV MOSFET and Gen2 SJ MOSFET have been developed, LV MOSFET and SGT MOSFET products will be developed and released in the 2Q of 2020, and Gen2 MOSFET products will be developed and released in the 3Q of 2020.
FS (Field Stop) IGBT products will be developed and released in the 4Q of 2020.

From 2020, more than 80 percent of all SemiHow's Power Discrete products will be produced by SF 8-inch Fab.
and Synergy Power with SemiHow's 20-year global technology competitiveness & Know-How and the 4 major
competitiveness(Fab Capacity, Quality, Delivery, Cost) of the SF 8-inch Line be able to satisfy any customer's needs.